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Are you confident your company would survive a ransomware attack?

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You're here to schedule a time to connect with Benjamin Bressington or the ChatFortress Team. Choose one of the options below to schedule your appointment.

Note: Your meeting will be via our Zoom system. The information for Zoom is provided as part of the calendar invitation. If you have any questions, please email You will also be provided with a link to reschedule or cancel our call in your calendar invitation.

Sessions with Benjamin Bressington

General Session with Benjamin (30 Minutes)

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - Website Guardian

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - Email Guardian

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - Cybersecurity Report Card Discovery Session

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - General Support Call


Sessions with ChatFortress Team - ThreatFortress Demo

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - Onboarding Call

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - Partners and Resellers Call

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - Check-in Call

Sessions with ChatFortress Team - Ransomware Simulation

Podcasts and Media

Claim $300 worth of Cybersecurity Awareness Training videos for FREE!

Each video is less than 4 minutes and you’ll discover how to detect unique scams that cybercriminals used to steal your data, identity and money.

Detect and Respond to cyber threats faster with our Autonomous End-point Breach Protection.

Let our team monitor and detect cybersecurity threats against your network, users, files and hosts 24/7 via our Cynet360 XDR and Response Automation platform.

Detect and Respond to Threats in Real-time 24/7.

Cynet XDR prevents and detects threats on endpoints, networks, and users and triggers for each identified threat an automated investigation flow that reveals the attack’s scope and root cause and applies automated remediation. The 24×7 MDR team continuously monitor and optimize this process to maintain top quality and precision.